What’s Happening This Week: Dec. 3-9, 2017

Monday: Entry Deadline

Entries for the meet in Merrill on December 9th are due by end of practice tonight. An email will be sent out with all the entries on Tuesday. If you plan to attend, please make sure your swimmer is signed up and in the right events. If there is a problem, let Coach Deb know ASAP.


Friday: All Squad Practice – For the rest of the season, Friday practices will be all squad practices at 4pm. All Platinum, Gold, and Silver swimmers and any Bronze swimmers competing at the Saturday meet should try to be at practice. Practice will end between 5-5:30pm.

Saturday: Swim meet in Merrill. Warm-up times will be posted later this week.


The deadline for the t-shirt orders has passed. All of the shirts are ordered, and we will let you know when they are ready! If you haven’t paid for your order yet, please do so as soon as possible.

A Look Ahead

Chippewa Invitational Swim Meet: On December 16th, Chippewa Falls is having an invitational swim meet. This is different than a regular conference meet. Our regular conference meets are all paid for by the club as part of a conference membership. Invitational meets are paid for by the attending swimmers. This means that if you want to swim, you will have to pay per event. The cost is $4 per individual event, with a maximum of 4 individual events (similar to a regular conference meet). Swimmers can also be involved in up to 2 relays. Relays will be determined by the coach once entries are turned in.

An event sign-up sheet will be posted at the pool. Entries are due by Friday, December 8th.

Swim Pictures: If you missed out on getting a picture taken of your swimmer and would like to get one, please let us know. If there is enough interest, we can schedule another session to get pictures taken.