You can speed up the registration process by printing off the forms and filling them out before you come to the pool.

You can download the full registration packet or the individual forms and informational files.



Swim Wear:

Fee Schedule

Because the Flambeau Area Swim Team is not school or government funded, the swim club must charge fees to help cover the swim team’s operating expenses. The largest portion of our operating expenses goes toward coaches’ salaries. Other expenses incurred by our swim club include swim conference fees, insurance, office supplies, postage and awards for the swimmers. These fees are based on the squad the swimmer is placed in and corresponds to the number of coaching hours he/she receives. Fall season fees are payable in an annual lump sum or on a payment basis. Swimmers whose accounts are not current will not be allowed in the water.

We do not want to exclude any swimmer because of financial circumstances. Those who feel they may have difficulty meeting the fee schedule are asked to speak to a board member to make special arrangements. (All information submitted will remain strictly confidential.) It is the coaches’ sole decision to advance swimmers from the different squad levels. When a swimmer is moved from one squad to another, he/she must pay an adjusted fee for the higher squad in which the swimmer participates in for the remainder of the season. In the event a swimmer is advanced to the next squad, the new squad fees will begin during the next full month the Treasurer will indicate the change and any amount due will be noted on a statement placed in your family folder.

We also have two scholarships available. To apply for the scholarship, fill out the scholarship form and turn it in before December 1st.

Summer Swim

Session 1
Platinum/Gold: $60
Silver: $40

Session 2
Platinum/Gold: $50
Silver: $30

Regular (Fall/Winter) Season

$25 Registration Fee (per family)

Squad Option #1:
Full Season
Option #2:
Payment Plan
Bronze $110.00 $62 due upon registration
$36.50 due December 1
$36.50 due January 1
Silver B $140.00 $72 due upon registration
$46.50 due December 1
$46.50 due January 1
Silver A $160.00 $79 due upon registration
$53 due December 1
$53 due January 1
Gold $180.00 $85 due upon registration
$60 due December 1
$60 due January 1
Platinum $200.00 $92 due upon registration
$66.50 due December 1
$66.50 due January 1

We offer a multiple family member discount (for immediate family members only) as follows: 1st

Family Member – Full Price

2nd Family Member – 10% discount
(taken from equal or lesser fee)

3rd Family Member – 25% discount
(taken from equal or lesser fee)

Special Note: If you qualify and choose to swim at Minnesota Regionals, it will be an additional $50 per swimmer to practice at the end of season.