Board of Directors

Coach: Emily Moelter

Assistant Coach: Deb Loe


President: Nicki Trott

Vice President: Jerilea Hendrick

Secretary: Amy Wagner

Treasurer: Cory Verdegan

Co-Swim Shop Manager: Ann Van De Voort

Co-Swim Shop Manager: Jeannie Kottke

Learn To Swim Manager: Nicole Stewart

Co-Concessions Manager: Jennifer Pearson

Co-Concessions Manager: Jena Donohue

Co-Concessions Manager: Nancy Burmeister

Meet Manager: Matt Bunton

Co-Fundraising Manager: Jennifer Pestel

Co-Fundraising Manager: Marly Nobles

IT Manager: Jennifer Allard

Contact any of the Board members at

The Board of Directors oversee the administrative functions of the Flambeau Area Swim Team. The Board sets policy, handles finances and makes sure that the club is being run in a manner consistent with the wishes of the majority of the parents. The board consists of at least ten members, and elections are held annually at the Swim Club Banquet. The meetings are open to all interested.

We encourage parents to attend and to serve on committees.
We’d like to thank all the parents who have volunteered their time as Board members and Event Staff that helped support our kids love of swimming!

NOTE: Click here for a copy of F.A.S.T. by-laws